• Pink Camo Tote Bag True Timber Pink Snowfall Extra Large


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    This extra large pink camo tote bag measures approximately 19" wide, 16" tall and 5 inches deep. The bag features D ring closures on one side, to allow for whatever length of strap you prefer. It is made from True Timber Snowfall pink camo cordura nylon which is water resistant. The edges and bottom of the bag are a nylon mesh to allow for some air flow through in the chance you are carrying something damp or wet. It would be perfect as a shopping tote, diaper bag, overnight bag, travel bag, craft tote, gear bag or whatever it is you need to keep handy with you. The pocket on the back side extends with full width of the tote with a velcro closure to keep things safe, and the pocket on the front side is divided to create two pockets - each 9 inches wide. 

    If you like the style, but prefer one in a different size or different camo faric, just let me know and I can make one to your specifications.