• Mossy Oak Treated Cotton 2 Panel/3 Pole Holding Blind with PVC Poles & Painted Rebar Stakes


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock
    2 Panel 3 Pole Step Holding Blind with PVC Poles & Painted Rebar Stakes

    Dimensions: 72 inches wide and 48 & 59 inches tall


    • Top and bottom of blind are reinforced with 2 inch webbing.   
    • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe is attached to the blind webbing with Stainless Steel Square-head Screws

    • There are large pockets on the outside edge of each panel
    • Wooden "Thumbs" on the top of each end of the blind are included to hang a whistle, lanyard, or leash
    • 1/2 inch thick rebar is cut in approximately 3 foot length.  One end is rounded so it will slide into the pvc pole and the other end is sharpened to ease insertion into the ground.  The rebar is then painted orange on the up end and black on the down end.   This rebar does not bend easily and can be pounded into hard ground. 
    Contact us to add Custom Options:    
    Stubble Straps $40
    Mesh Windows $10 each
    Additional Pockets $10
    Rebar Pocket $10
    Attached Carry Strap $20

    Our blinds are great holding blinds for dog training, hunting, or wildlife viewing, and but also work great as wind breaks or privacy screens when you are out camping or at the beach.

    Custom orders are always welcome so if you don't find exactly what you are looking for please feel free to contact me.