• Pole Covers for use with 48" polyvinyl step-in fence stakes/blind markers


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    These pole covers fit over a 48" polyvinyl step-in fence pole (~38" above ground).  When training puppies and younger dogs you can use the white polyvinyl pole so the dog will have a highly visible target by the bumper pile.  With more advanced dogs, slip the pole cover over the white polyvinyl stake and it is less visible for the dog and still allows the handler to spot where the bumpers have been placed.  The Blaze Orange pole covers are our most popular color option, but we also offer solid bright orange pole covers and timber print pole covers in pink, purple, blue and red.

    We carry both the pole covers as well as the poles so you can order the covers only, or the poles & covers which are listed under a separate listing.   Also check out our pole toppers and flags which are great companion products to our pole covers.

    Custom orders are always welcome so please feel free to contact me with your special requests.